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How To Maintain Health Goals During the Holidays

It's hard enough to meet and maintain healthy lifestyle goals throughout the year. It's even harder during the holidays when it seems like there are endless food buffets, desserts, and grandma's who make sure your plate is never empty.

Is there actually a way to keep up with your health goals during the holidays? There is -- actually, there are a few ways. Some are simple, while others require a bit more thought. It's up to you how strict you want to be with yourself, but regardless, we hope you can take at least one of these tips into the holidays.

Surviving the Holidays: 101

Starting from "most simple" to "thought-required", here are our healthy holiday tips.

  • Portion Size

There's no need to fill the whole plate! Everyone seems to set up holiday parties with the biggest plates they can find. Just because there's lots of space to fill, doesn't mean you have to fill it. Try grabbing smaller portions than you think you need. You can always go up for seconds if you still feel hungry.

  • Slow Down

This one's hard, we know. More often than not, by the time food is served, everyone is starving. If you can remember to slow down, taste and enjoy the food, and socialize while you eat, we bet you'll feel full sooner than you think.

  • Go For Protein

When making your plate, go for protein first. Then fill the gaps with some of your favorites like mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, green beans, etc. Try to remember to eat your vegetables and protein first. This way, the foods with more nutrition and that "fullness factor" will be eaten first. You'll be more likely to feel full and stay full.

Remember that the holidays are a time to enjoy yourself, your friends, and your family. Staying on top of health goals is very important, but it's also okay to have some holiday treats that only come around once a year.

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