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How To: Mindfully Eat During the Holidays

Holidays are known for overindulging and food comas. We're all guilty of making another plate when we're well aware we probably shouldn't. Dessert then rolls around, and we somehow make room for that too. As great as pushing our stomachs to the brink is, are you ready to switch things up? Mindful eating during those big Christmas is about to be fool-proof.

Staying Mindful While Staying Satisfied

  1. Eat and drink what you want. Holidays are holidays, you should enjoy them. But just because there are endless options, doesn't mean you have to have them all if you don't want to. Stick to what you know you like, try something new, but don't feel obligated to have one of everything.

  2. Make your own plate. You know your limits best, so make your own plate. Grab what you like and try to take a little of each type of food you like. This way, you can always go back for more of what actually left you wanting more.

  3. Sit down while you eat. Relax and socialize. There's no winner for finishing their meal the fastest. Enjoy your meal and don't forget to enjoy your company.

  4. Take breaks. If you feel like you're eating at lightning speed, breathe. Take a moment for your body to catch up. If you're still feeling hungry, continue, but if not, there will always be more food for later.

  5. Think about what's next. If you know your family and friends do a 3-course meal plus dessert, remember that! There's no point in filling up by the second course if you know there's more coming.

  6. Stop when you're full. Don't push it! Your body will tell you what it needs. Sometimes that means you're done for the night. You can always take a plate of leftovers home for tomorrow!

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