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Health(ier) Screen Time

Ever feel like you spend your whole day staring at screens? Whether it’s at work, class, home, or even out to eat, televisions, laptops, and phone screens are EVERYWHERE! There are so many things we all need to accomplish every day, so it's no wonder that decreasing screen time is no easy task.

Track your screen time

Before cutting screen time, you should be aware of your current habits. This way, you’ll know where the majority of your time is being spent regarding screen time. Most iPhones can break down which apps you spend the most time on, and what times of day you tend to sit face-to-face with screens.

Designated spaces

Create a space in your home where all electronics can be stored. This way you may get in the habit of putting them away at the end of the day. If this seems like too much, try starting by creating a space where cell phones go during meal times. Time at home should be spent with family and friends! Use this time to enjoy yourself and unwind, not be on your phone -- be present.

Brainstorm other ways to spend your time

Instead of passing the time by hopping on TikTok or Instagram, try thinking of other activities to try. Read, do a puzzle, go on a walk (especially now that the weather's warming up) -- there are endless things to do besides sitting on your phone.

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