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Small Habits That Increase Productivity

Personally, I am a "wake up early to tackle the to-do list" type of person. With the amount of things we all have to do in a day, I think a lot of people are in the same boat - we want to make the most out of our days! There are definitely days where there's truly not enough time in the day, but with a few small changes, you'd be surprised how much faster you can keep things moving!

  • Start each morning with a To-do list: sometimes I do this the night before so I can jump right into things once I'm awake -- it's up to you. But having your day mapped out with all the big and little tasks will help you visualize all responsibilities and compare to what time is available.

  • Put workout clothes out the night before: having your clothes right in front of your face will make it more likely to get you out and moving in the morning!

  • Set a weekly meal prep night: Having a set time you commit to will help you to make meal prep a habit. I typically do this on Sundays so I don't have to think about cooking once during the week. It's been a huge help for those days I'm exhausted and cooking is the last thing I want to do. It also helps me avoid snacking!

  • Keep your body moving: Squats, leg lifts, or chair push-ups instead of sitting to work? Amazing! How about an ab workout or some Barre leg moves as you lay down to watch T.V.? It's a great way to sneak movement into your day!

  • Always take water and a snack with you: Whether you're going to work, class, errands, etc., staying hydrated and nourished is so important -if you get dehydrated or your blood sugar drops, you will be far less efficient (and less happy)!

  • Kick cleaning up a notch: Since it's something we have to do anyway, why not make it more of a workout at the same time? Try adding ankle weights as you vacuum or resistance bands as you do the dishes!

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