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Fitness Goals that are Actually Realistic

Unrealistic goals can be anything from an underestimated time commitment to an underestimated investment. Regardless of our past problems with sticking to our goals, we're about to change that entirely with goals that are actually realistic.

The key to creating successful goals is to really think about smaller, attainable, and manageable goals.

Fitness/Exercise/Movement Resolutions

The following list includes goals that fit the theme of small, attainable, and manageable goals.

  1. Move your body in any way for at least 10 to 30 minutes a day. This encompasses walking your dog, light jogging, dancing, etc. When starting new fitness goals, it's necessary that it is fun and doesn't feel like a chore. So whatever movement makes you happy--go for it!

  2. Sign up for a fitness class. It doesn't matter which class you're interested in--just go. If you're a little intimidated by these settings, ask a friend to go with you. You can support each other, and can hopefully continue going together.

  3. Work out at the same time every day. This could be every morning at 6 AM or every night at 5 PM. Creating a sense of routine can be really helpful when creating habits. You should choose a time throughout the day that you know will fit your lifestyle and current routine. Your new goal shouldn't disrupt your day!

  4. Stretch every day. Stretching is so important for staying flexible, agile, and mobile. It benefits your muscles and circulation. If you stretch every day, you don't have to do it for too long, but long enough that you can feel the stretch and work through your range of motion.

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