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Family, Fit, Fun

Staying healthy, as a family, can seem like a lot. Especially when everyone likes different activities, different foods, and (some of us) are addicted to screens. These are common problems that every family faces when trying to build healthier lifestyles. So let's talk about some ideas, do's and don't's.

A Healthy Lifestyle Isn't a Chore

Keep the activities simple. Whatever exercise you choose to do doesn't need to be complicated or strenuous. The point is to get everyone moving. Tapping out from soreness or exhaustion by day two won't be good for anyone.

Competitions are a great distraction. If no one seems excited or into "regular" exercise, try a game or a competition. Teenagers and kids would love nothing more than to beat their parents at something!

Go outside when you can. Getting fresh air and being in nature is good for everyone -- both physically and mentally. There's also much more opportunity to try more, and do more, when you have the space outdoors.

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