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You Can Have Whatever You Like

It's about that time of year -- burnout from school and work has set in. If you haven't fallen victim to this, feel lucky. But if you're like most of us, we're probably feeling a little stuck lately. Don't be too hard on yourself. It's not just me and's everyone! We're going to jump-start our way out of the stuck-in-a-rut mental and physical fatigue.

Struggling to Find Workouts?

Instead of sitting scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feed (it's addicting, I know), try to focus your scrolling on ways to stay active.

I have found multiple workout accounts on Instagram, where people share their at-home workouts. Other workout influencers are also posting at-home workout guides for cheap that we can purchase. There are so many different resources we can find online to do at home. I mean, even YouTube has endless, and I mean endless videos of at-home workouts.

If you're struggling because you don't have the proper equipment, that's okay. Many influencers and YouTube content creators are trying to be sensitive to that and post workouts that require little to no equipment. So if you need some free weights, try soup cans or water jugs...get creative. You can make it work with what you have at home!

Outdoor Workouts

  1. Take your dog for a walk. You and your furry friend need exercise. Afterward, he or she won't run around the house with all the energy in the world.

  2. Go for a bike ride. Pump up those old bike tires, and get those legs moving. Ride around your neighborhood, or even in a park.

  3. Another option is to go for a walk by yourself. Take this time to clear your mind and get some alone time. Set a new personal record for how many miles you can walk, and take a good playlist or audiobook with you.

All of these are great ways to stay active during this crazy time. Get out and enjoy the fresh air!

Indoor Workouts

  1. Yoga. And if you're not confident enough with your technique and form to do it by yourself....hello YouTube! There are tons of yoga accounts that post follow-along videos that can last 10-45 mins.

  2. Stretching. I know this might not get your blood pumping or have you breaking a sweat, but at least you're moving! Stretching every day or every other day can help you not feel so stiff and will keep your flexibility or range of motion as good as always.

  3. Pilates. I don't typically opt in for this kind of workout, but I've seen my mom after she's done her pilates. All I'm saying is I don't think I could keep up--that's a good workout.

Staying active is important. Getting up and moving around, even a little, can help clear your mind and let you feel a little more balanced.

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