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Workout Goals for Beginners

The perfect time to start is yesterday. Whether it's your first time starting or getting back to old routines, it can be hard to get started. We all want to get in shape as quickly as possible, but that's just not realistic. Getting in shape and becoming healthy, in a safe and effective way takes time.

Reset Your Goals

You may have long-term goals, such as wanting to squat a certain amount of weight. Whatever your goal -- that's great. But to start, take a step back and set short-term goals that will build to the long-term goal. For example: In one month, I will increase my max weight by 5-10 pounds.


For all goals, it's important to take the time to warm up properly. Getting your heart pumping before your workouts will prevent injury and get the blood moving to the muscles, especially muscles that aren’t as used to the workout. Remember to keep your warm-ups specific and resembling the workout you are going to perform.

Start Slow

Don't jump in head first. Use the first couple of times back to test out where your body stands with the workout. This will help reduce the risk of injury and will allow your systems to get reintroduced to exercising.

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