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Sunrise to Sunset Mindfulness

Being more mindful throughout the day is probably on everybody's to-do list. Mindfulness sounds super simple but can fall through the cracks of day-to-day chaos. However, if we pick the simple moments, where things slow down in between responsibilities, it may be the easiest place to start.

For me, these moments are early in the morning and late at night. It's during my drive home from the gym when I'm listening to music and looking around or when I'm having my breakfast before work starts. I try to focus on enjoying my surroundings and what I'm engaging in -- that's mindfulness to me.

I highly suggest taking a personal day to really reset your mind. Fully unplug from work or school and focus on things that make you feel happy or relaxed -- whatever that looks like. It could be some retail therapy, it could be laying outside, it could be taking a nap. There are no real rules to mindfulness except being present in the moment.

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