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Moving On Vacation

Summer is here! With that comes Summer Fridays, vacations, holidays, beach days - all the things we love. As fun as all of these events are, it's important to not lose sight of routines and healthy habits. Staying active during these breaks from life doesn't mean you have to still make it to the gym or work out twice a day. It simply means don't sit still.

How to Stay Active While Off the Clock

  1. Walk! This is probably the easiest type of activity to implement and keep up with while you're enjoying some time off. You have the time for it now.

  2. Bicycle rides. With this beautiful weather, taking a casual bike ride around town seems more enjoyable than the thought of the gym.

  3. Swimming. This one's especially easy if you find yourself at the beach or at a hotel. Hop in the ocean or the pool and get moving. Exercising in the water is also noted to be even more beneficial because the water helps put less pressure and weight on joints.

  4. Water sports. This could include kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing -- literally any water sport. These types of activities make you use your body in different ways than usual, leading to an automatic great workout (without even realizing it).

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