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Holiday Gift Guide

Now that Thanksgiving has wrapped up, it's somehow almost Christmas time. As we've discussed in the past, this time of year is busy, unpredictable, and a little chaotic -- making it more difficult for all of us to stay on top of our healthy lifestyle goals. However, being strategic about what gifts you ask for and give, can help make everyone's goals a bit easier to achieve.

It's important to think about your goals by three overarching categories: Kitchen Tools, Lifestyle Tools, and Food & Beverage. Kitchen tools can help support healthy lifestyle goals like eating more produce, meal prepping, and increasing protein. Lifestyle tools can support goals that could include increasing productivity, exercise, and mental health. Food & Beverage can be any item you've wanted to try like raw honey, fancy olive oil, or mineralized water.

Our gift to you is this amazing Holiday Gift Guide. We truly hope it inspires your gift-giving!

The Holiday Gift Guide of 2023

_Holiday Gift Guide 2023
Download PDF • 9.03MB

  • For those who want to achieve our goals in the kitchen:

    • Knife Set

    • Chef's Knife

    • Zester

    • Blender

    • Rice Cooker

    • Milk Steamer

  • For those who want to achieve our goals in our everyday life:

    • Wrist weights

    • Weighted vest

    • Reusable, insulated water bottle

    • Health data ring (think Apple Watch but as a ring)

    • White noise machine

    • Massager

  • For those who want to try some new food and drink products:

    • Coffee grounds

    • Olive oil

    • Raw honey

    • Maple syrup

    • Nut butters

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