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Health(ier) Screen Time

Ever feel like you spend your whole day staring at screens? The way we work, learn, and function day-to-day looks so different than it did a few years ago. Televisions, laptops, and phone screens are EVERYWHERE!

There are so many things we all need to accomplish every day, and there's no wonder minimizing screen time can be difficult. The key is to be aware of your screen time and to be able to acknowledge if it's necessary or not.

Let's be honest, it's not super realistic to get rid of screens completely, but if you're looking for healthier habits, this one's for you!

Track your screen time

Before you start changing anything, you should be aware of your current habits. This way, you’ll know where the majority of your time is being spent in regard to screen time. You can do this with a simple hand-written log; tracking any time that you’re in front of a screen and length of time. Apple also allows you to see phone activity charts that break down what apps you're using the most and for how long.

Designated spaces

Create a designated space in your home where you put electronics such as laptops, phones, or tablets. This way you may get into the habit of putting electronics away when you get home. This way, you won’t be as tempted to use them as much when you unwind for the day. If this seems like too much, start by creating a space where cell phones go during meal times. Use this time to enjoy yourself and unwind, not be on your phone.

Brainstorm other ways to spend your time

Do you often find yourself pulling out your cell phone to fill time while waiting for something? Or maybe you have a long commute every day that you spend scrolling through social media. Instead of aimlessly looking at things you probably won’t remember, try something else! Puzzles, reading, and podcasts are great ways to relax while staying mentally productive.

When in doubt, put your cell phone away, turn off the television, and do something you actually enjoy (or try something new)!

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