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Farmers Markets > Grocery Stores

Some Farmers Markets stay open year-round, but most are seasonal. So right now is the perfect time to go to your local Farmers Market.

If you've never gone, you're missing out. But let's explain why.

Why Farmers Markets Are Worth the Trip

  1. Wider variety of fresh, local food. The fruits and vegetables that are sold at Farmers Markets are typically picked at the peak of their season. This means that the produce you'll walk away with is the freshest and healthiest available. Some sellers even bring foods you can't always find in grocery stores. This is a great way to try something new!

  2. Health and wellness benefits. Another perk of the food sold at Farmers Markets is that the food is typically grown without using pesticides, antibiotics, or genetic modification. You'll know exactly where you're foods coming from, and if you have questions, talk to the seller for more information.

  3. More bang for your buck! ~Music to all of our ears~ Because Farmers Markets items don't have the same travel and processing times, they're sold for much cheaper than grocery stores. Many Farmers Markets accept card, cash, and SNAP benefits too!

Even More Perks

  1. Better for the environment. As grocery stores typically receive produce from hundreds or even thousands of miles away, Farmers Markets do not. There is much less fossil fuel involved in the shipping process. Farmers Markets also are often operated outdoors where there is no electricity or heating needed.

  2. Supports your local economy. Purchasing produce for local farmers puts money back into the community, which allows everyone to have continual access to fresh, healthy, and local produce.

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