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Bad Habits Make For Great Resolutions

With the turn of the year approaching, there comes the always anticipated (or dreaded) New Year's resolutions. This year, we should all try something different. Try breaking "bad" habits before the new year. This way there's less trial and error at the turn of the year; giving us all hope that we can stick with our goals longer.

One Step at a Time

First, identify the thing about yourself or your lifestyle that you want to change. This can be big or small. For example, trying to work out three times a week or trying to curse less. Regardless, your goal should be something realistic and attainable for you.

After you decide on what you want to work on changing, it will be helpful to create "consequences" for not upholding your end of the goal. For example, if your goal is to eat healthy, and you eat unhealthy before the "cheat day", you have to then eat healthy on what would have been your "cheat day". Coming up with rewards will also help. For example, if you eat healthy all week, and only snack on your "cheat day", then at the turn of the week you can buy yourself your favorite coffee.

Consequences and rewards are better reinforcers when they align with your goals.

How to Stick With It

Once you've been progressing towards your goal for a couple of weeks, and you're more committed, you can take bigger steps.

The next step in breaking bad habits is to change your environment to avoid "triggers" or "stressors" that give you the opportunity to go back to your bad habits. Sticking with the example of healthy eating, changing your environment for this goal could be getting rid of all junk food in your house. If your goal is to floss more, it could be to leave floss out on the counter so it's easier to remember. Changing your environment can include big or small reminders to aid your progress.

Another way to stick with your goal is to coach yourself through it! Don't be too hard on yourself; be positive but challenge yourself along the way. Setting goals should be a positive change for you and your lifestyle. So don't take it too seriously, have fun, and hopefully, we'll all be more successful with a mindset like this.

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