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Spooky Season Nutrition

Most people dread the holidays because it's hard to avoid overeating and junk food. But Thanksgiving and Christmas are the two that people recognize as the biggest offenders. However, it really starts with Halloween.

Halloween is only a few weeks before Thanksgiving, and we all know how long we can stretch out that Halloween candy. So let's talk about how to make Halloween healthier for both you and your kids.

Candy Crazies to Healthy Halloween

  1. Have a filling, healthy meal before going trick-or-treating. This way, your kids will be less tempted to fill up on candy throughout the night.

  2. Choose a candy bag that isn't HUGE. You can either go home when the bag is full or you can encourage your kids to only take one piece from each house and make a competition out of how many houses your kids visit.

  3. Walk, don't drive. Walking throughout the neighborhood is good exercise for both you and your kids. Again, you can make a competition out of this--which kid can run-up to the house, get candy, and run back down the driveway before you catch up with them!?

Once you're home, let your kids have some candy without overindulging. Tuck the rest away for another time.

Always be sure to check all your child's candy before letting them eat it.

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