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Fit on Vacation

With summer approaching, vacation season can begin. Whether you're visiting family, hitting the beach, or going abroad, you might not have access to the fully loaded gym like you're used to. Vacations are meant for resting your body, relaxing, and indulging a bit! However, it's good to keep moving, even for a little bit, every day.

1. Do Your Research

Check out the surrounding area to see if any gyms in the area will sell you a daily or weekly pass at an affordable rate. If you're lucky, the place you're staying at may have a gym.

2. Try Something New

Traveling is supposed to be an adventure! Take this stretch of time to try out a new type of gym, workout class, or type of workout. For example, when I travel, I love finding places to hike. Any type of sweat counts.

3. Stretch

Sitting in a car, a train, or an airplane doesn't do your body any favors when it comes to mobility. Don't forget to stretch! The one super easy thing about stretching is that you don't always need a ton of space or a ton of time to get the job done. Even 5 minutes can make your body feel a bit looser and gets your blood flowing.

4. Rest!

An alternative? Don't work out at all! If you've been working hard day in and day out, your body deserves a rest! Focus on having fun, sightseeing, and spending time with loved ones. The gym will always be there when you return.

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