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Eat Better, Eat Together

There's a reason why people have been sharing meals for centuries (and a reason why mukbang videos are so popular) -- it's healthy! Whether it's breakfast, lunch, dinner, once a week, or every day, there are many benefits to sharing meals as a unit.

Family Benefits

Shared, family meals are so important because there's more than nutritious, or physical health benefits. There are mental, social, and emotional benefits to shared mealtime as well.

  • Family meals tend to be more nutritious, have adequate proportions, and include fruits and vegetables.

  • Children tend to try more foods during family meals, thus reducing the chance of becoming a picky eater in the future.

  • Family members come together, creating a time and an opportunity to bond and socialize. This leads to higher self-esteem in children.

  • Parents set the standard by providing their children an example of healthy eating habits and table manners.

  • Family meals decrease the chance of obesity, as people tend to eat less because they eat slower and talk more.

Make mealtime a priority! Turn off the TV and tune into your family.

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