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A Perfect Beach Bag Makes for a Perfect Beach Day

Now that summer's finallyyyy here (thank God), we're going to talk about my favorite summer activity: going to the beach. It's great for relaxing or exercising and socializing, or some alone time. Believe it or not, the key to a perfect beach day is packing the perfect beach bag. Nothing's worse than setting everything up and realizing you forgot one of the many beach necessities.

A Proper Beach Bag

  • Water. Always, and I mean always pack at least two waters. If you can, use bottles like Swells or HydroFlask's. Any bottle that keeps drinks cold will be better than a plastic bottle.

  • Portable charger. Even though some beaches have WiFi, so many people use it that it basically never works. Because you'll probably have to opt-out to use data, your phone will probably die faster. So it's important to pack a portable charger especially if you're planning to be at the beach all day (just make sure the portable charger is charged too).

  • Speaker. Bringing a little Bluetooth speaker is a must. Be mindful of the people around you though and don't play your music too loud.

  • Towel. If you're like me and you're not a fan of beach chairs, packing two towels/blankets is key. I normally pack one towel and one oversized blanket. The blanket is what I lay on and the towel is for drying off after swimming. The towel fits in my beach bag and I carry the blanket in my hands.

  • Cover-up. Cover-ups are important if you have any plans of stopping into shops, restaurants, or bars throughout the day. Most places won't let you in if you're just wearing a bathing suit. Cover-ups are also handy if it's a little windy or cloudy that day.

  • Lotion/SPF. We all know how important SPF is by now, so everyone should always have it in their bags. If you love tanning you can put tanning lotions overtop of your SPF (once it dries) to ensure you get bronzed while protecting your skin.

  • Wallet. You don't always need your wallet, but you obviously need your wallet if you typically run-up to the boardwalk for food and drinks.

  • Snacks. Packing some snacks that won't get melty or gross in the sun is also helpful. Crackers, nuts, certain fruits, or granola bars are some good options.

Hopefully, this list helps you in packing the essentials. You can always add to your bag, these are just the things that I always make sure I have with me. Enjoy your beach day!

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