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2024 - A Year For Growth

It's about that time in January when most people fall off from their newly set goals. Whether it's working out more, eating healthier, or spending less money, life has kicked back into full gear and tends to get in the way.

It's easy to fall back into old routines and habits because they're comfortable and we know they "work" enough to get by. But as many of us probably know, being comfortable does not mean you're growing.

It's important to always have some of our focus honed in on bettering ourselves. This will look different for everyone. For some, it may look like waking up 30 minutes earlier so they have a bit more time to do their morning routine without feeling rushed. For some, it may look like eating healthier by cooking more homemade meals. Whatever your goals are, stick with them -- even on the hard days.

How To Make Progress

  1. Make sure your goals are realistic.

    1. Often enough, we hear of everyone's lofty goals. They sound great, but are they sustainable? Can they actually make the time to dedicate the necessary effort to see and feel the change?

    2. Exercise is a great example. If you don't workout at all, setting a goal for 5 workouts a week may cause you to give up before you really start. Instead, try 3 workouts a week so you're able to be flexible with your time and responsibilities that don't stop on account of your goals.

  2. Track the habits.

    1. Finding a way to keep yourself accountable for the goals you set is key. Whether it be a habit tracker app, sharing health data with friends and family, or sticky notes around the house, cues and reminders can go a long way.

  3. Understand progress is not linear.

    1. A big misconception about progress is that it constantly moves in a positive direction. Unfortunately, for all of us, it is not. Progress is a compilation of good and bad days, and is more determined by how you handle the bad.

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